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Service Practices

Our firm is expertise in negotiations and litigation relative to technology surrounding intellectual property, especially patents.
And more, we provide companies with appropriate support in the case of patent infringement and negotiations relating to activities in foreign countries (Asia, Europe, etc.) and for the acquisition of an intellectual property right. For more details, please see the link below.

Family Law

  • Assist and handle petitions for Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Custody & Support
  • Visitation

Corporate Law

  • Business and Company Set-Up
  • Drafting of Corporate Documents
  • Manufacturing Contracts
  • Contract between Foreign Companies
  • Collection of Claims and Debt Recovery

Intellectual Property Law

  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Copyrights
  • Patent
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Trade Secrets

Labor Law

  • Consultation regarding employment concerns
  • Preparation of employment contracts & scope of services
  • Hiring & Compensation Issues
  • Unfair Labor Practice & Illegal Dismissal
  • Discrimination & Harassment Claim

Real Estate & Inheritance Law

  • Real Estate Property
  • Securities Investment Advisories
  • Preparation & Execution of
    Last Will & Testament
  • Settlement of Estate of the Deceased
    (including properties & bank accounts)

Immigration & Citizenship Law

  • Legal advise on immigration laws
  • Japanese Visa Assistance
  • Residence Status & Permit
  • Certificate of Eligibility

Foreign Investments

  • Setting up Business in Japan
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