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Dispute concerning Other Intellectual

Dispute and Litigation concerning Infringement of Trademark Right and Design Patent Right

In the cases of dispute and litigation concerning trademark right and design patent right, it is often obvious whether an infringement has occurred or not, however, some cases go into litigation. If jurisdiction allows, the case can be filed in any district court of Japan, not being limited to Tokyo or Osaka District Court.

Dispute and Litigation concerning Copyright and Unfair Competition Prevention Act

The case of unauthorized use of your photographs and artwork would be copyright infringement, and the case where some product is similar to yours or where your product model is mimicked would be a violation of Unfair Competition Prevention Act.
In such cases, it can often be quite difficult to judge the infringement, so it is important to exercise the right carefully.

Agreements (Confidential Agreement, Consignment Agreement)

We have experiences and records in preparing Agreements with Japanese companies (written in Japanese, English, and Chinese) and in providing legal advice, for manufacturing and selling in Japan.

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