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Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights

Acquisition of Patent Right

An idea relative to technology is possible to be a target being protected by a patent as an invention.
To appropriately acquire a patent right, the investigation in the filed of technology is needed, and the scope of right has to be set accurately.

Registration of Trademark and Design Patent as Invention

Acquisition of Trademark and Design Patent

A logo indicating your products and services needs to be registered, otherwise some company would take advantage of your trust without any consent.
On the other hand, a creative design can be registered as a design.

Registration of Trademark and Design Patent

We can provide staffs with abundant experience in various fields in association with Nagoya International Patent Firm

We are associated with Nagoya International Patent Firm adjacent to our firm.
If you consult us, patent attorneys and technologists with abundant experience in the patent firm can appropriately respond to your needs.

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