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Introduction of our services

■Dear customers of foreign companies
 Our office especially focuses on supporting foreign companies which develop their business in Japan. In particular, we have extensive experience in intellectual properties, employment issues, and trading agreements.
■Intellectual properties
 Products are demanded to have high-level quality in Japan, and the markets of many fields are said to have entered the mature stage.
 Courts make a strict interpretation regarding patent infringement, so that infringement is difficult to prove in practice. Accordingly, it is important to manage not only patents but also designs and trademarks in the field of intellectual property.
 Our office has dealt with a great number of patent infringement lawsuits relating to processing of electronic equipment and product structures. Furthermore, we have succeeded a design right infringement lawsuit of more than several tens of millions of yen related to an electronic display panel for game machines.
 In addition, we have dealt with trademark right infringement lawsuits relating to building materials, hand pumps, automobile selling business, through which we have experienced intellectual property disputes.
 We can flexibly and promptly cope with strategies related to intellectual properties, especially disputes, if any.

■Employment issues
 The labor law system in Japan protects the positions of employees, and thus employers cannot easily dismiss their employees. In addition, a corporate manager from a foreign country tends to lack communication with his/her employees, which often leads to harassment problems.
 Our office can appropriately deal with employment issues in close cooperation with a labor and social security attorney.

■Trading agreements
 In the case where an agreement is concluded for the purpose of trading in Japan, Japanese law is applicable in many cases and, any dispute will be brought into a court of Japan.
 Our office offers drafting and reviewing services for intellectual property license agreements, technology license agreements, consignment agreements, agency agreements, sales agreements, service agreements etc. in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

■Core values
 Our office has the following core values:
 ・We achieve justice.
 ・All parties concerned are on an equal footing.
 ・We focus on our advantage and make the best use of it.
 ・We aim at a perfect result every time.
 ・We take on new challenges.

 For details such as advisory contracts, contact us by e-mail or facsimile.
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